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30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call

Save yourself confusion, time and stress by getting clarity, next steps and a plan of action to help you make life-changing decisions for yourself, your relationship and your baby.

Complimentary 1 x 30-minute Zoom call in English, French or Spanish

2-Hour Session

Get a personalized step-by-step roadmap of how to approach the decisions you are having to make and access a different vantage point from which to continue on this exciting albeit pressurized experience.

£399 for 1 x 2-hour Zoom online call in English, French or Spanish

6-Month Programme

Go from feeling stressed out and disconnected from the joy of waiting from your baby to being fully engaged with life-enhancing and self-empowering sessions that will transform you in the best version of yourself. This is whom your baby has come to meet.

£8,400 for 24 x 60-minute Zoom online calls in English, French or Spanish

12-Month Programme

Give yourself the best personalized and caring support to stay the course on a long waiting time. Grow while you wait and invest in the wonderful preparation for the joy of fatherhood.

£14,400 for 48 sessions of 90 minutes each and 3 Child Whispering Sessions over 12 months, in English, French or Spanish

“It’s an amazing gift that Marie-Claire is offering. It helps deepen our relationship with our children for greater understanding and harmony in the family. Thank you Marie-Claire for what you’ve done for my little ones!”