Who is Marie-Claire?

Gay Dads, today I am responding to a deep calling to journey by your side and be your doula, the woman who cares for your needs while you get ready to hold your baby in your arms and beyond.

For many years, I have been serving the needs of women through pregnancy and early motherhood, which culminated in my becoming a doula. It has been a powerful journey, participating in the sacred process of birth and witnessing the harsh treatment that women and babies receive in hospitals. I have come to appreciate how impactful the circumstances of each birth are for the health of our society.

The way we are born stays with us forever.

We all need, more than ever, parents who are conscious and determined to bring life, to invest in themselves and to stand tall and true for their children in this new world that they are ushering in. I feel very strongly that you deserve proper support as you become the father that you know to be deep inside.

You have the right to not be submerged by the practical aspects of the surrogacy journey and by the stress it inevitably carries.

You have the right to be guided, accompanied and cared for along the way.

You have the right to claim your place in the sun, as do your children.

You have so much to contribute to the world through your parenting.

I combine my work with families and children with my practice as an intuitive life coach and mentor for those individuals who feel there is an extra dimension within themselves that they are ready to access.

Every birth is an earthquake. Every parent has the right to live this transition with calm and serenity.

My personal journey has taught me that we are all part of the diversity that makes our planet beautiful and unique which has enabled me to see and honour YOUR uniqueness. Now is the time to clearly see and reclaim the truth of who you are and unleash your powerful presence into the world.